Order the Book

At the moment, four versions of our book are available.  These are beautiful books constructed with professional-grade papers.  Trade quality books will follow in 6-9 months through another publisher at a lower cost & lower quality.  This book is sold at cost with NO PROFIT.

An Ebook for $4.99

A Softcover Book with Premium Lustre paper for $37.44

A Hardcover Book with Premium Lustre paper for $51.21

A Hardcover Book with Proline Pearl paper for $66.69


1 thought on “Order the Book

  1. Hello “shadow then light” Team,
    I am interested in your upcoming book tour. I am a member of the Diversity Team and PTA at Casey Middle School in Boulder, CO. Do you have plans to come to CO? Are you interested in speaking in Boulder? Casey is a diverse, bilingual middle school in the heart of Boulder. We also happen to have a beautiful new auditorium.
    I look forward to receiving your reply.
    Sincerely, Jane Enterline

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