“Through moving images and beautifully written prose, Steve Pavey and Marco Saavedra powerfully capture the efforts of undocumented youth and young adults to reclaim their lives and give voice to their struggles and triumphs. Shadows Then Light illuminates the unsettling manifestations of contemporary immigration policy and the impressive acts of resistance by those most affected.”

ROBERTO G. GONZALES, University of Chicago

“This is the book that all Americans should read to learn about the inspiring dignity and humanity of the undocumented youth movement and to be reminded that America’s best qualities and promise are embodied in these youth.”

ARLENE DAVILA, Professor of Anthropology and American Studies, New York University

“Beyond applying, practicing, or engaging Anthropology Pavey and Saavedra in dialogue with intellectuals, activists, communities, and familias dare us to occupy the living spaces of “illegality,” fear, hope, and light. Shadows Then Light captures the hearts and minds of youth activists through images and words that force us to confront the inhumanity of intellectual and physical detention of immigrants. By allowing us to feel their fear and redemption and showing us the revolutionary power of love in forging a new civil rights movement, we are reminded of the safety and liberation we find when we dare to be guided by our souls en familia y con cariño. Once we inhabit this space we confront as academics, politicians, educators, community leaders and citizens the possibility of transformation. Pavey, Saavedra, and the undocumented youth movement show us that indeed another America, another Anthropology, another way of thinking and doing are possible, necessary, and urgent.”

MARIELA NUÑEZ-JANES, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of North Texas


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