About Us

Steve Pavey is an applied anthropologist & missiologist engaged in activist scholarship as a Senior Research Scientist at the One Horizon Institute, Lexington, Kentucky.  He utilizes collaborative and participatory research methods alongside activism with communities organizing for immigrant justice.  He is a member of the steering committee for the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network, as well as close ally to the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.

Marco Saavedra is an undocumented poet and painter. Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, he was raised in New York, studied in Massachusetts, Ohio, & Washington, D.C.  Currently he works with the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, educating & organizing & helping in stopping deportations.

One Horizon Institute   Our guiding image—our “one horizon”—is a society that works for everybody in it. We think of society as a vast commonwealth and each of us as equal participants in its risks and rewards. Working together as individuals and communities we can achieve a fair and sustainable human future.   www.onehorizon.org

National Immigrant Youth Alliance     We believe that only a grassroots movement led by undocumented immigrant youth can properly address the inequities and seemingly insurmountable obstacles facing our communities. Through grassroots organizing, advocacy and direct collective action we aim to develop a sustainable movement for justice and equality led by those most affected and supported by committed, conscientious allies.  Our core values are to Empower, Educate and Escalate.    www.theniya.org


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